About the Designer

For me, embroidery is like painting with threads and beads. It brings drawings to life, creating a textured work of art that you can wear and carry with you.
My work is inspired by my earliest experiences: my childhood treats when my father would take me to the Lagunilla flea market in Mexico City; hot summers spent in Cuba; working and living in Tokyo, Korea, Singapore and Thailand; and my life in Bali – which was my home for 7 years.
My passion for embroidery started 18 years ago. After finishing my fashion degree at Casa de Francia in Mexico City, I left for France where I completed a master’s degree and worked as a designer in Paris. My work took me to India and Indonesia, where I first came upon the ancient craft of tambour embroidery. I fell in love with the technique, as it combines drawing, colours and intricate craftsmanship.